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Contraceptives are a never-ending need because pregnancy is a long-term investment and responsibility. Sometimes the physical/external use of contraceptives like condoms does fail due to breakage. I pill 1.5 mg cod is one of the hormonal contraceptives common among women. Mostly hormonal contraception is not the contraception of women’s choice because they fear its side effects and prefer to use condoms instead. Hormonal contraception is often taken as emergency contraception after unprotected sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Some couples already have enough children and do not wish to have more; however, others are not planning to have kids for the time being, so they look for effective contraceptive methods with low side effects and high efficiency.

Buy Levonorgestrel Oral Online

Contraceptives are still taboo in various countries, so often, women intend to buy Levonorgestrel oral online. It is also recommended to buy Levonorgestrel oral online because you may get some discount through online websites and web portals. This is how you can buy cheap Levonorgestrel pills online. You must order Levonorgestrel cod online through top websites to get genuine emergency contraceptives online. You can purchase i-Pill without a prescription.

Side Effects of After I-Pill

I-pill dose is determined by the health care practitioners and should not be taken without prescription and guidelines. You must buy Ipill 1.5 mg online to keep with you so that you can take it as soon as you have unprotected sex. Surprisingly very few people consult a gynecologist or health practitioner before taking emergency contraception. If you take over-the-counter contraceptives as emergency contraception, you must at least read the entire product description before use so that you don’t over or under-dose it. It is much better to consult a gain of largest and take complete guidance on emergency and hormonal contraception to avoid severe ide-effects.

  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Abdominal pain,
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Changes in vaginal bleeding
  • Headache

Having a good understanding of the side effects of I pill will keep you calm while you experience them. If you experience severe side effects after taking hormonal contraception, you must consult your healthcare practitioner as soon as possible. Some people experience vomiting within 2 hours of hormonal contraception administration. In case you vomit after two hours or within two hours of taking hormonal contraception, you must ask your doctor to tell you if you need to retake a dose or not.

Packaging and Information

I-pill comes in a long silver strip that contains only one tablet of pink color. You might get amazed to see just one pill in a long strip, but that is enough for emergency purposes. Most health care practitioners prescribe Ipill to be taken as soon as you do unprotected sex. The next dose of hormonal contraception must be taken after 12 hours, followed by another after 72 hours. This is a generalized administration procedure; however, your doctor may alter it according to your particular needs. You must strictly follow your doctor’s guidelines because if taken wrong, you may end up getting pregnant or experiencing severe side effects. It is essential to know that hormonal contraception can prevent pregnancy for sexual activity before administration; however, it has no control over the sex done after the administration. Therefore, you may end up getting pregnant if you have sex after taking I pill. Although hormonal contraception is safe to use under medical guidelines, there are still chances of menstrual cycle disturbance if taken in high quantities and often. Excessive use may increase the intensity of side effects experienced by the women. Menstrual disturbance can be of extreme discomfort if prolongs. It would help if you were not contented that a disturbed menstrual cycle is a side effect and must check for pregnancy.

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